#TEAMPIXEL / by Donte Brown

Photos taken with Google Pixel 3

Photos taken with Google Pixel 3

I am super excited to officially be starting my first blog and there’s no better way to start it off than with the Google Pixel 3. I would like to give a huge thank you to google for sending me this beauty.

5 Quick Details

  • This phone comes in 3 colors: White, Black, & not so Pink.

  • The Pixel 3 is Youtube Signature device that has HDR playback

  • Has the best smart phone camera

  • You get unlimited storage with Google photos

  • Comes with Google Lens which is exclusive to the Pixel 3


What’s In My Box?

  1. Google Pixel 3

  2. My Google Custom Case

  3. #teampixel Fanny Pack

  4. The Google Pixel Stand

  5. BKR bottle


This phone’s camera is IMMACULATE! Everyone that I photograph with it are completely shocked by the camera quality and the different features like portrait mode. Portrait mode is one of my favorite features on the phone because you can actually adjust the depth of field on the image! It’s like a mini digital camera. Be aware that the files are extremely big, up to 44 inches with a 72 dpi but that makes the photos a lot easier to edit if you wanted to add any special filter or tone adjustments.

I CAN NOT FORGET ABOUT GOOGLE PHOTOS! I’ve never knew this even existed but it’s one of the most convenient features when it comes to send photographs. Everything taken on your phone is automatically synced to google photo and can be sent with a website link to whoever you choose. You also get a notification when that person has seen the folder as well.

All in all, I LOVE THIS PHONE. Although there are some apps or features that I wish were more easily fingertip accessible the camera makes up for EVERYTHING!