Putting Yourself Out There!

You can not be afraid to fail. That's an important part of placing yourself in beneficial situations. Some people will reject you, some will ignore you, but there will also be someone who is going to be willing to take that chance with you. The most successful people that we have in this industry has gotten rejected so many times, but once they had their break through, everything sky-rocketed. Learn to put yourself out there and to take chances.

Some things you can try:

  • Try emailing at least 5 companies a week that you want to work for. You want to make sure they know your name.
  • If you're a photographer, follow the photo editors social media and the magazines you want to work for. Make sure you educate yourself in what ever field you want to be in.
  • Don't hesitate, don't give yourself time to question what you want to do or you going to end up talking yourself out of it.
  • Work hard and work smart!
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